When is the Scott Boudin Festival?

It has been scheduled for April 5, 6, & 7, 2024

How much does it cost to get into the festival?

Entrance Fee:
Friday - $5.00
Saturday - $10.00
Sunday - $5.00 and Free for Children 12 and Under.


The Scott Boudin Festival Association, Inc. is a dedicated, hard-working group of volunteers from the Scott area who organize the Scott Boudin Festival each year. The Scott Boudin Festival placed in the 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 Times of Acadiana Best Festival Award. The SBF teams up with the City of Scott staff, Scott Police Department, Scott Volunteer Fire Department, sponsors, musicians, vendors and volunteers to produce the Scott Boudin Festival. The Family Friendly atmosphere provides a safe haven for families to hear the best music South Louisiana has to offer, taste the best Boudin and foods which made Louisiana famous and where the kiddies of all ages can enjoy amusement rides, fireworks and plenty of unique Arts & Crafts items, from many talented artists and craftspersons. In Scott our slogan is "Where the West Begins and the Hospitality Never Ends." The proceeds generated by the Scott Boudin Festival are invested into area non-profit organizations, capital improvements to public areas and City of Scott property, and put back into hosting one of the best festivals in Acadiana!

Where is the Scott Boudin Festival located?


Scott Boudin Festival is located on LIONS CLUB RD. Scott, LA directly in front of CITY HALL

Lions Club Road is CLOSED to ALL thru traffic for the entire duration of the Festival

Where can I park?

  1. General Public Parking - Scott Park / any available Public Spaces/ on the streets of the Commercial Park
  2. VIP Parking - Info provided with PASSES and PACKAGES
  3. Volunteer Parking - Info provided with PASSES and PACKAGES
  4. Food Vendor Parking - Info provided with PASSES and PACKAGES
  5. Arts & Crafts Vendors - Info provided with PASSES and PACKAGES

Who do I contact for arts & crafts?

Contact Regina Lejeune Thomas - 337-510-LINK (5465) EXT 7

Who do I contact for pageant info?

Contact - Director Lauren Ashley Noel 337-510-LINK (5465) EXT 5 or email: scottboudinqueensdirector@gmail.com

Who do I contact about being a volunteer?

Contact - Daniel Noel - 337-510-LINK (5465) EXT 1 - daniellnoel65@gmail.com or sbfvolunteers@gmail.com

Volunteers are NEEDED in the Following areas : Admission Gates / Coke Booth / Beer Booths / T-Shirts etc / Set -up / Tear down / Grounds Clean up

Who do I contact for sponsorship?

Contact - Brenda Dugas - 337-510-LINK (5465) EXT 2

Who do I contact for information on food vendors?

Contact - Brenda Dugas - 337-510-LINK (5465) EXT 4

Are ATM machines available?

Yes ATM's will be available on site.

Can I bring chairs?

Yes and you are encouraged to bring a blanket as well.

Ice chests, golf carts, animals, outside food or drinks?

NO ice chests / NO golf carts / NO animals (service animals are allowed) / NO outside food or drinks / NO vulgarity / NO sagging pants

When is Family Day?

Sunday is Family Day

Can I get a souvenir?

Souvenir's will be sold at the Festival by Bernard Studios. You can also contact Bernard Studios at their Lafayette location at 2819 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503, give them a call at 337.654.7596, or visit them online at https://tonybernardstudio.com/.

Security / Safety?

We proudly boast that this is a family friendly festival and the safety and security of all festival goers is taken very seriously.

The Scott Police Department with the assistance of officers from police departments of surrounding cities, provide a high profile presence to ensure everyone's safety.

In addition, Acadian Ambulance is on site for the entire festival to provide minor first aid and emergency medical response should the need occur.

How do I get general information on the Scott Boudin Festival?

Visit our social media pages at Facebook and Instagram. Call us at 337-510-LINK (5465) EXT 0.

How do I get media information on the Scott Boudin Festival?

Contact - Media Director Lauren Ashley Noel 337-510-LINK (5465) EXT 3 or email scottboudinqueensdirector@gmail.com

How do I get carnival information on the Scott Boudin Festival?

Contact - Roz Noel - 337-510-LINK (5465) EXT 6

How do I get entertainment information on the Scott Boudin Festival?

How do I get directions to the Scott Boudin Festival?

  • Scott Boudin Festival

    125 Lions Club Road
    Scott, LA 70583


    Call Us
    Phone: (337) 510-5465

    Mon: 7:00AM-5:30PM
    Tue: 7:00AM-5:30PM
    Wed: 7:00AM-5:30PM
    Thu: 7:00AM-5:30PM
    Fri: 8:00AM-12:00PM
    Sat: Not Available
    Sun: Not Available